Many organizations embark on their DevOps journey, only to face imminent technical and cultural roadblocks. One common roadblock is not having a comprehensive toolchain to support DevOps practices and culture. This problem is due to the fact that there are more than 200 available tools, each solving one unique SDLC problem or gap. As time goes on, many new tools continue to enter the market. These tools require dedicated resources to integrate and harmonize the complementary roles and functions, often diverting valuable resources and effort from the core competency of their business.


Harmonize Your DevOps Tools

OSI Digital has established a center of excellence to focus on the integration of DevOps tools into a coherent toolchain, along with optimal best practices for modern SDLC. Continuous research and integration of DevOps tools in the market are the touchstones making up the core competency of OSI Digital’s DevOps as a Service. OSI Digital’s proven best practices in DevOps methodology will help transform the culture and mindset of the organization.


  • Harmonize best-in-class (open-source and/or commercial off-the-shelf) tools with battle-tested DevOps toolchain
  • Apply core principles of DevOps to drive cultural transformation for software delivery organizations with proven best practices
  • Integrate previously acquired SDLC components with the recommended toolchain into a coherent software delivery platform through in-depth knowledge and understanding of DevOps
  • Shorten the feedback loop to accelerate the delivery of high quality software to the market with proven automation frameworks
  • Access an army of 1400+ strong software engineers worldwide dedicating their waking hours to implementing the effective DevOps toolchain and best practices


Build High Quality Software More Quickly

OSI Digital’s DevOps as a Service has accelerated the adoption of DevOps transformation for many organizations, shortening their cycle times to bring high-quality software to the market. Leveraging OSI Digital’s recommendation for DevOps toolchain and best practices, organizations can expect to quickly transform themselves into high performing software delivery machines.

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