Many organizations that switch from traditional SDLC process (waterfall) to DevOps don’t often see significant improvements to the cycle times or the quality of the software product. One of the root causes is the barriers to transform quality assurance (QA) within organizations. QA continues to employ a manual testing approach rather than leveraging test pyramid strategies supported by extensive test automation practices. The manual QA cycle widens the feedback loop that delays the discovery of software quality issues and lengthens the overall SDLC cycle times, slowing down the velocity to bring compelling solutions to the market.


Create a Quality-Driven Culture

OSI Digital’s DevOps as a Service transforms traditional QA organizations to first-class quality engineering organizations, which deploy extensive test automation practices to shorten the progression and regression  test cycles complemented by exploratory (risk-based) testing efforts. OSI Digital introduces a innovative quality-engineering mindset and instills automation principles to replace the deprecated QA practices.


  • Transform traditional QA teams into first-class quality engineering organizations that solve technical problems along with application engineering teams
  • Leverage proven and ready to deploy test automation frameworks and best practices
  • Create a solid safety-net of test automation processes to detect defects and anomaly in software
  • Shorten the testing lead times and cycles to accelerate time-to-value
  • Deploy test pyramid strategies to establish a balance testing approach utilizing both test automation and exploratory practices


Explore & Capitalize on New Market Share

With results-proven test automation frameworks, OSI Digital assists organizations in establishing confidence in their software delivery capabilities to explore and experiment in new market spaces. OSI Digital offers ubiquitous automation solutions for system configuration management, release management and deployment stages to shorten the SLDC cycle time. With confidence, our customers are well-positioned to quickly outpace their competitors.

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