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OSI Digital’s portfolio of Professional and Managed Security Services brings key advantages and value to organizations needing a strategic cybersecurity partner that provides end-to-end management of their cybersecurity technology stack and incident response processes.

OSI Digital empowers and enables you to focus more on your business while leaving complex cybersecurity operations to the experts. Our value lies in the assurance of 24x7x365 monitoring, incident response, advanced cybersecurity protections, and the ability to scale in support of your business.


Managed Security Services

Attack & Penetration Testing Services

Application Security Services


Network & Infrastructure Security Engineering

vCISO Services

Managed Security Services

Wherever you work, wherever you travel, wherever your assets are, whatever device you use, we protect you. We help protect your data and we help protect your business. We monitor your environment 24×7 with best-in-class security technology and exceptional staff. We provide a range of security monitoring capabilities to fit your business, no matter how small or large. From an entry level “Watch and Notify” SOC service, to a comprehensive, fully staffed and fully managed security program, we help you to focus more on your business with the peace of mind knowing OSI Digital is “standing in the gap” between highly sophisticated cyber adversaries and your business.

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Application Security Services

Our Security Professionals are experts in identifying software vulnerabilities and improving the security posture of your Web Applications by ensuring compliance with best practice standards defined by SANS, OWASP, WASC, etc. Our Team also provides post assessment vulnerability remediation to ensure full lifecycle application security support.

Network & Infrastructure Security Engineering

Network and infrastructure weaknesses can invite and/or fail to detect attacks that can lead to severe vandalization if left un-remediated. With OSI Digital, we continually monitor your cybersecurity technology stack for misconfigurations and security posture weaknesses. We perform continual support and maintenance on your security infrastructure to ensure your cyber defenses are operating as expected.

Our network and cybersecurity experts will continually assess and analyze your environment and recommend improvements as appropriate.

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