Our Talent is Our Competitive Advantage

We believe that our people are at the heart of digital transformation. Together, we continually strive to make OSI Digital a company where knowledge and creativity are valued and where high performing individuals always act in the best interests of our customers, our partners and each other. Hear from a few members of our global team on what they value most about working for OSI Digital.


“Everybody who works here has chosen to be in the customer service business and we do that gladly.”

– Glenn Gesell, President, OSI Digital

At OSI, our employees are empowered because we are encouraged to speak up if something isn’t working and we always collaborate to identify the solution. Our company also understands and supports work life balance which motivates me.

– Arathi Kolala,

Senior Manager, PMO (UAE)

“Our ability to be nimble has enabled us to navigate the ever-changing technology landscape, always with the goal of delivering innovative solutions to our customers. This defines the culture of OSI Digital for me.”

– Michael Javier,

SVP, Global Sales, (USA)

“OSI is a foundry for innovation; providing the environment and culture where our team and clients work hand-in-hand to create value and industry-leading outcomes.”

– Scott Harden,

Global Lead, Industrial IoT (USA)

“I’m often asked, what is OSI’s reputation and what do your customers and employees say about the company? What I hear time and time again is that OSI always gets the job done. That’s the success we’re constantly striving for and that’s why we stay here.”

– Glenn Gesell,

President (USA)

“At OSI, we have delivered business and technology solutions for over 25 years with a steadfast focus on achieving tangible results for our customers. The key to our longevity and success has been our flexible and agile approach, and global experience combined with our local reach.”

– Anil Yamani,

President, APAC & ME (India)

“What’s at the heart of the OSI culture is our collective passion and commitment to our customers’ success. Our customers trust OSI to help bring their vision to life and bring their ideas to the market. We’re not just a technology company, we’re a business solutions company.”

– Jeff Pierick,

Chief Technology Officer (USA)

“Working at OSI Digital has provided my team & myself with boundless opportunities to make a global impact on the business, the brand & the culture in a very short time. For me personally, I carefully chose OSI as the place to cultivate my own career because of the exemplary reputation of the company & the people who work here.”

– Karen Dosanjh,

VP, Marketing & Communications (Canada)

“OSI is a company that values relationships with its employees, partner and customers above all. The work environment is friendly and always makes you feel at home. That’s why our employees tend to stay with the organization for the long-term. Employees who take on new opportunities, inevitably return to the OSI family.”

– Trivikram Potluri,

Director, Human Resources (India)

“OSI Digital offers a world of opportunities for growth. I joined here as a consultant and advanced my career without losing my true self. Our values-driven culture and employee friendly atmosphere are the main reasons for my 20+ year journey with OSI.”

– Raju Kanumury,

Vice President, Operations (India)

“As a project management professional, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest technologies and practices in our industry. OSI has always supported me to upskill myself to not only advance my career, but to better anticipate and serve our customer requirements.”

– Bahugun Musini,

Lead, Project Management (India)

“OSI is a very friendly, approachable and flexible organization to its employees and customers.  We impact our clients by delivering innovative solutions tailored to meeting their specific needs.  OSI inspires me to be excellent at work with their purpose-driven, team spirit, attitude and culture.”

– Andrew Smith,

Sales (USA)

“What I love about working at OSI is the challenges keep you alert. The opportunities keep you focused. The culture keeps you professional. And the team keeps you motivated.” 

– Paolo Martin D. Jarana,

Senior Software Engineer (Philippines)

“OSI’s business is driven by innovation whether it’s building solutions for our clients or nurturing our talented team. I enjoy being part of a creative team and a fun-filled work culture where I am genuinely valued for my contributions.”

– Amrata Awasthi,

Marketing Manager (India)

“My journey with OSI Digital is filled with fun and learning. It’s a wonderful place to work offering a lot of growth opportunities and support for career advancement while allowing the work-life balance I need.”

– Manjula Palarpu,

Sr. Software Engineer (India)

OSI provides a great working environment where everyone’s opinions and ideas matter. Our company culture inspires you to do your very best and we are focused on delivering measurable outcomes for our customers. I am proud to work for such an innovative company, and grateful for all the opportunities I have been given so far.”

– Antoine Leroux,

Marketing Manager (USA)

“Since 1993, OSI has helped enterprise and emerging companies succeed by understanding their business, identifying cost-effective solutions, and deploying them with the right combination of people and technology.  It’s exciting to be part of our customers digital transformation journey.”

– Martin Mathias,

Chief Operating Officer (USA)

“OSI provides a phenomenal working environment with significant opportunity to learn and develop. We have a great management team, friendly co-workers, amazing work culture and a positive work environment which makes it an awesome place to come to work each day. I know that my contribution is valued and I feel proud to be a part of the OSI family.”

– Salim Ansari,

Associate Technical Lead (India)

“What I value the most about working at OSI Digital is that the company and its leaders truly respect and value the employees. That’s why I wanted to be part of this team. OSI is a consulting company at heart, and a consulting company is only as good as its people. When you treat your employees well, your company will naturally flourish and grow.”

– Kai Hui,

Chief Architect, IIoT Practice (Canada)

“Innovation is the way of the future and OSI Digital channels my passion to solve customer problems so they can focus on their business goals. With OSI, I have been given the opportunity to hone my project management skills by overcoming challenges and working with leaders in our industry.”

– Candace Bracht,

Project Manager, PMP (USA)

“I love working for a company of our size. There are more opportunities to try different things, learn new skills, and work across various functional areas of our company. The culture at OSI fosters great talent and encourages independence and creativity at work.” 

– Kate Caponi,

Senior Functional Consultant (USA)

“At OSI Digital, we’re solving real business problems for our customers through the delivery of innovative business and technology solutions. It helps to know that your leaders and fellow team members always have your back which gives you the confidence to deliver excellence consistently.”

– Emelgar Christler “Chip” Paasa II,

Solutions Manager (Philippines)

“An enduring hallmark of our team, and what has always set OSI apart from our competitors, is our innate ability to understand our customers’ business and the unique challenges they face. With this understanding, we are laser focused on helping our customers unlock the value of their data, and aligning the potential of digital technologies with their long-term, strategic visions. It’s an exciting time to be part of OSI Digital.”

– Kumar Yamani,


“I’ve had the privilege of working for OSI for 18+ years alongside an extremely talented group of people who are deeply committed to exceeding expectations for our customers. What’s exciting is our ability to run a successful business over the long-term. Anyone can win a project but at OSI, our customers stay with us, just as we do with them.”

– Pavlos Alexandrou,

Regional VP, Delivery

“OSI’s team-centric ecosystem fosters a strong team spirit and promotes a culture of productivity, creativity and accountability. My team works closely as a single unit and we strive to achieve our collective successes together.”

– Sunil Illuru,

Quality Engineering (India)

“OSI Digital is a world-class organization that offers a friendly work culture and provides many exciting learning opportunities for the team. I really enjoy working at OSI and my colleagues have always been very supportive of my career growth.”

– Saleema Thaned,

Business Development Executive (Bangalore)

What I enjoy most about working at OSI Digital is the people and the culture. As a constantly evolving organization, OSI provides opportunities for employees to develop and grow their careers and that’s exciting to be part of.”

Srinivas Pendli,

Regional Manager (Australia)

What I enjoy most about working for OSI Digital is the passion that people bring to their work each day and it’s great that we have an approachable and supportive leadership team.” 

Debbie Sharp,

Administrative Assistant (USA)

“Over my many years with OSI, I’ve enjoyed a wide range of diverse opportunities that have enabled my career growth across a breadth of technologies and industries. The main reason why I’ve stayed is simply because of people who not only care about their customers and teams, they also happen to be extremely talented at what they do.”

Damon Sisola,

Director of Solution Architecture, IIoT (USA)

“OSI encourages team members to create new ways of thinking to solve customer challenges in a way that builds long-term relationships with our customers. This positive and creative environment has allowed me to develop a career in consulting, while helping our customers and OSI succeed.”

Carlos Orosco,

 VP, Life Sciences & Healthcare (USA)

“At OSI, we are a nimble and flexible group of accomplished individuals who work cohesively together to solve real-world business problems for our customers. Our agility and candid approach is what makes our company attractive to both our customers and employees alike.”

Vikas Bhoot,

Director, North America (USA)

“At OSI Digital, we hire good people and strive to position them for success. We also look out for each other and act in the best interest of our company. That’s a key factor of the OSI culture to me.”

Guru Havanur,

SalesForce Practice Leader

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