Putting Data-Driven Insights at the Center of Drug Discovery and Patient Care

The healthcare and life sciences industries are undergoing a transformative shift. Traditionally, these industries have been rich in data but poor in analysis. The analytics revolution is putting data-driven insights at the center of drug discovery and patient care. Precision medicine and genomics are leveraging data and digital technologies to unlock the promise of unprecedented treatments and better health outcomes for patients.



Reducing Risk and Fostering Stronger Regulatory Compliance

The cost of this enhanced care is increasing complexity, from supply chains to specialty pharmaceuticals. Deriving clarity from complexity means mastery of data, and OSI Digital brings the deep digital technology and life sciences experience to enable organizations to optimize their value chains, meet regulatory compliance requirements and uncover health insights through the effective consolidation and integration of their applications and data.


  • OSI provided Wedgewood Pharmacy with a flexible and scalable solution with robust performance & functionality features. The extensive knowledge transfer to Wedgewood personnel lead to more informed and timely decision-making in the company.

  • OSI Digital executed ConnectiveRx’s dashboard customization on an 8-week project schedule by leveraging a Rapid Cycle Implementation Methodology. OSI collaborated with ConnectiveRx’s developer team to create new dashboards that presented precise and important data in a clear and visually engaging way helping lead to better patient outcomes.

  • OSI Digital delivered a long-term reduction in total cost of ownership and financial commitments while improving application functionality for the business. This improved user experience and enabled Dexcom to accelerate its go-to-market strategy.

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