Providing Modern Energy Companies with a Single Source of Truth

The energy sector is going through a digital revolution. Greater data capture and analysis from smart sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are impacting efficiency and service delivery for utilities, oil & gas and renewables. From gas field to grid management, today’s energy companies and utilities are boosting output and undergoing transformations arising from deployed sensors, real-time information flows and mobile customer engagement.



Better, Stronger, Faster Solutions

At OSI Digital, we have rich experience in building comprehensive solutions to monitor and manage smart meter technology. We understand the relationship and value from billions of data points flowing through a utility, and provide modern utility operators with a single, reliable, real-time source of truth. We offer both the technical and functional expertise in utility platforms and grid-management software solutions to enable our customers to streamline business processes, increase profitability, and improve grid performance.


  • PGE partnered with OSI & GE Digital to implement a rapid data integration platform that efficiently managed 400-500 million data element per day from the AMI system reducing analysis time from days to hours.

  • BC Hydro partnered with OSI & GE Digital to help design a data architecture that quickly and easily integrated data from nearly 2 million smart meters, more than 5,000 relays, 2,000 routers and 30 different operational and IT systems including homegrown and legacy systems.

  • AusNet trusted OSI to implement GE Digital’s technology to centralize data integration on a single, holistic platform that significantly enhanced data visualization and empowered more efficient demand response.

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