Addressing Heightened Security Requirements

The global spread of COVID-19 has had a major impact on workplaces around the world with more organizations encouraging employees to work from their home offices than ever before. Having a significant number of staff suddenly accessing networks from remote locations can be a massive shift for companies which presents unprecedented challenges in regard to cybersecurity. Increasing the volume of remote workers can effectively widen an organization’s attack surface making data and systems vulnerable. Employees who use their own devices for work are introducing new platforms and operating systems that require an advanced level of support and security. With so many devices being used, it’s likely that some security measures will inevitably fall through the cracks.


Attack Simulation

Security Assessment

Vulnerability Scanning

Penetration Testing

Virtual CISO

Security Operations Center


Minimize Impacts to Future-Proof Your Business

To address your organization’s heightened security requirements through these unprecedented times, OSI Digital’s Managed Security Services ensure optimal protection and peace of mind for your business. Protect your company against suspicious activity, data theft, crippling attacks and security threats in real-time and across your entire IT infrastructure. With over 25 years of expertise in leading business and technology platforms, OSI Digital can ensure your users have access to the right technologies needed to operate safely, wherever your employees may be located.


  • Deploy security technologies and enact policies that directly support security goals
  • Ensure resources are allocated to areas where systems need the most protection
  • Minimize direct and indirect costs associated with exploitation or error

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