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WOODLAND HILLS, CA.: May 10, 2017 – OSI Consulting, Inc., (Now OSI Digital, Inc.) a global provider of business and technology solutions, announced its designation as a member of the GE Digital Alliance Program.

As a global system integrator focused on digital transformation, OSI has accrued decades of experience designing and implementing high-value Industrial IoT solutions for clients around the world, across a variety of sectors, including manufacturing and energy. With comprehensive advisory, implementation and managed services practices, OSI is positioned as a leader in GE’s select ecosystem of system integrators — supporting their vision of transforming key sectors into “Digital Industrials.”

OSI’s relationship with GE Digital has been a long journey that started with Bit Stew Systems, a Vancouver, Canada-based software company that was acquired by GE in 2016. The Bit Stew products are now considered foundational to GE’s Industrial IoT platform known as Predix. The Predix platform is an industry-leading solution for handling the complex integration and analysis of machine data, as well as supporting predictive analytics and advanced system automation. As a partner with Bit Stew, and now GE, OSI has played a key role in the engineering, delivery and support for the former Bit Stew and Predix solutions.

Scott Harden, Global Lead of OSI Consulting’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) practice says, “Bit Stew recognized a key gap in the market regarding advanced data integration and had limited resources and time to execute on the potential. With OSI’s support across product engineering, industry consulting and implementation services, Bit Stew significantly accelerated the growth of their business and the adoption of their product in the market. That same value proposition is now being recognized by the strategic role OSI will play in continuing the development and delivery of GE’s industrial offerings.”

While OSI has primarily focused their IIoT work in the energy and manufacturing sectors, plans are in place for expansion into adjacent verticals as well.

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OSI was instrumental in the success of Bit Stew based on our deep software engineering and domain knowledge and our understanding of their customers’ businesses and the industries they specialized in. Learn More about OSI’s partnership with Bit Stew.

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